Jim Mackey
Managing Partner


American Vision,LLC

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Gold Rain Enterprises Corp. established as Gold Rain Industry in 1977, is founded in 1981. At the beginning, we are in charge of PBX business and do the OEM for Japanese Communication Company. In 1986, we design and manufacture the series of vending machine with our own brand and are honored to lead the vending machine market in Taiwan. In 1999, we set up the IT production dept. to design and manufacture the LCD monitors, LCD TV, etc. We rise up sharply in the IT field with our thinnest and excellent production and promote the production to more than 20 advanced countries over the world.

Gold Rain Enterprises Corp. manages deeply and continuously with our profession to promise and achieve our concepts of providing excellent production, promoting outstanding person, sharing the achievement and contributing our society and country.

Gold Rain Enterprises Corp. comes through countless challenges from the Industry to the OTC-registered company. You will definitely confirm Gold Rain Enterprises Corp. is an important member of the E-Generation Knowledge-Economic Industry when you see our vending machines could sell visible goods and have the intelligent web service function in the mean time.

Thank you very much