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A few testimonials from current Sponsors -- Top Real Estate Professionals

"I'm excited about the benefits of My Home Owners Club. I have already gotten one referral already and received numerous email responses from past clients thanking me for the membership. Now, when I ask contacts for their email address and they say "WHY"... I have a value-added response they feel good about."

Steve Moyer
President's Circle - Top 5% Agents Nationwide
Prudential Henry & Burrows REALTORS�,
Overland Park, Kansas

"I like My Home Owners Club so much, I am introducing it to all of our (90) offices. Its technology will help make marketing to our tens-of-thousands of clients and home buying prospects almost effortless. There is nothing like it."

Tom Stevens, Senior Vice President -- NRT
Coldwell Banker Residential, Mid Atlantic

�The Club is a great marketing and business development service, that offers reporting, and reaches 500 homeowners 3 times a month for only $29.95. And I don�t have to do anything unless I want to. Every page is branded to me and most importantly, my clients like it!�

Stephen O'Hara, CRB, CRS, GRI, SRES, ABR
$46 Million Producer
RE/MAX Real Estate Services, Orange County, California

"We brought My Home Owners Club to our sales force and more than 110 agents signed up in the first week. And, I am bringing it back to sign up the rest. We'd been looking for a vehicle to supplement our postcard campaign but couldn't find one with relevant and specific content. The Club does this and much, much more. It's the best new service in the industry, period."

Ronald J. Foresta, President Resale Division
Rose & Womble Real Estate, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"50 of our agents enrolled in the first week. This Club is absolutely great! As a trainer and coach over the 20 years, I've always stressed the importance of maintaining constant communication with clients. My Home Owners Club allows us to do this without wasting too many hours of our precious time. It practically runs on auto-pilot and leaves more of our valuable time to dollar productive  activities."

Jonathan D. Nicholas, CRB, CRS
Broker and Regional Director
RE/MAX of Indiana

"In my 37 years in the real estate business, I have never found a more impacting customer communication program than My Home Owners Club. For the first time, we know if our newsletters and other mailings are being read by our customers. The Club has answered the age-old question of what to send, when to send it, how to send it and how to track it. This is truly the most cost and time efficient program I�ve ever seen and it�s easy too. Our agent's email marketing is now delivering results while saving several of them thousands of dollars. My agents love it.� 

Jim L. Bray, Broker/Owner
Cutler/GMAC Real Estate, Ohio

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�Just a note to tell you how well I like The Home Owners Club. I really enjoy enrolling my clients and friends into My Home Owners Club. I don�t have to spend time, energy or money getting out a mass-mail newsletter anymore. The Club reaches my contacts more effectively than anything I�ve seen in 25+ years in the business. I have had several clients and friends thank me for enrolling them in The Club.

One client really enjoyed pulling up the new product section and being able to choose short videos to watch on his computer screen. He liked knowing about all the different new products in that section. Thanks for the creative things and good job your company is doing for Realtors, looking forward to the new ideas that you will be launching in the near future.�

Terry Touchstone, CRS, GRI, ABR
Keller Williams Realty, Dallas, Texas

�The feature that appeals to me most about the Club is adding substantive value to my customer relationships during the time which is not part of the selling cycle. It is not just extra value, but is truly unexpected value my clients really appreciate.�

Rollie Langston, ABR, CRS, GRI, RECA,S REA
RE/MAX House of Brokers, Missouri

�The most important benefit is hundreds of my contacts get relevant, unobtrusive home ownership information. Most other �e� programs are transaction-based. This first-class service allows my members to find information when they want, and with its great reporting system, I know who opened what, when and what they clicked on. I love it.�

Barbara Malone, ABR, e-Pro
Jenny Pruitt REALTORS�, Atlanta, Georgia

�In my 22 years in real estate I�ve seen it all. And My Home Owners Club is a winner. Marketing and delivery without a lot of personal effort on my part -- the ease of use is phenomenal. The consumer�s perceived value is BIG!�

Vern English, CRA,e-Pro, ABR
Keller Williams Realty, Florida

"One of my primary business goals has always been the creation of Client Loyalty Strategies which result in client retention and client acquisition. One important strategy I have implemented is that of building my reputation as "The Informational Guru" for clients and prospects. Clients love the meaningful, up-to-date and relevant information as provided by My Home Owners Club. It is a fantastic Client Oriented marketing tool. Don't leave home without it!!!"

Chuck Boles (Chuck & Buddy Team)
RE/MAX Horizon Real Estate, Alexandria, Virginia

"My Home Owners Club resources are great!  I have a client buying a home that possibly has a mold problem. I went into the Clubs 'Homeowner Survival Kit" and there it was.. all the information I needed to ease and remedy the homebuyers situation. The Club then put me in touch with someone that literally wrote a handbook on Mold and Water Damage!  Wow, how impressive is this �club� tool, to assist us, as well as buyers and sellers."

Tracy Hamilton
Cutler/GMAC Real Estate, Wadsworth, Ohio

"I have been a Realtor for 18 years and I am not the most high-tech agent in the office. When Rose & Womble Realty Company had a representative from your company do a presentation this spring, I became excited about having an e-mail contact system. My Home Owner's Club seemed to be right for me as I needed a high tech tool that was user friendly and made me look like a high tech Realtor. Since starting My Club, I have a reason to call past clients for their e-mail addresses, making contact with the phone call at first, then via e-mail. Before joining My Club, I didn't know the value of getting a client's e-mail address. Now, on a consistent basis, my name is in front of the people who know me and send me referrals. I also want to thank you for your prompt return of my phone calls and e-mails when I have a question. Thanks."

Sandy Preiser, ABR, CRS, GRI
Rose & Womble Realty, Virginia

"Thank you for taking the time to help me out this morning. I'm so excited to be up and running with My Home Owners Club and can see countless ways of growing my business. Many of my members are from my sphere of influence and have commented how great the product is and many of them are future homeowners. The conference call yesterday with Scot Kenkel was very informative and helpful. His creative, but basic ways to collect email addresses makes you rethink the way you communicate with future clients and how easy it is to incorporate to your daily activity. Thank you again for being so helpful, for your time this morning and for this great product! Best regards,"

Marisa Zaneis 
Weichert Realtors, New Jersey

My Home Owners Club
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