Jim Mackey
Managing Partner


American Vision,LLC

A  Sales and Marketing Company



● First, you need to become a SPONSOR in My Home Owners Club�.

● Next, enroll your contacts -- clients, prospects, friends, neighbors, website and open-house visitors. You can even download your contacts and upload them into your Club. Consumers also can learn about your Club and enroll themselves through various means such as on your website (a link can be provided), Club postcards and flyers. Your marketing is now "actionable".

● Your contacts become YOUR MEMBERS and receive the "Gift of Membership" in the My Home Owners Club from you. Once enrolled, they will receive their Welcome To The Club e-Letter and from this point on, you will always have a great reason to ask people you meet for their email address.

● You can add and remove your Members as you please. It�s also very easy to import contacts from TOP PRODUCER�, AGENT 2000, Outlook etc.

● Each month, your Members will receive two to three emails and e-newsletters with valuable information they will appreciate receiving. Everything the Club sends is branded with YOUR photograph and contact information. And, that�s not all�

● All three e-Coms connect YOUR Members back to the Club�s HOMEPLATE where hundreds of information-packed pages nd interactive services are always branded with your photo and contact information.

● It's easy too. You don�t have to do anything! The Club�s content editors do it all. Their job is to focus all e-Coms and all Club Website pages on valuable and timely information for your Members. Stories about real-life situations, online resources, tips, recent home sales in their area, access to how-to videos, and much more � all in an effort to help educate your Members about homeownership and keep them thinking of you FIRST.

● Personal messages? Yes, you can add them to any, or all, of your e-Coms if you wish -- but it�s not required. Use them to announce open houses, local statistics, new listings, or town meetings affecting homeownership.

● Reciprocal Marketing: Highlight your "preferred partners" such as mortgage pros, remodelers, landscapers- give them their own page in your CLUB in return for enrolling their customers in your Club.

● Reporting? Yes. The Club�s advanced reporting system monitors your Members� e-Com activity so you can see who opened what, when, how many times they read it and what they clicked on. Far too many marketing programs say they deliver value�we prove it!

● And..it's Viral. Happy Members are the best kind of referrals. They tell friends and so on. As your circle of influence grows, you become the local homeownership expert they look to first.

● Finally, your Members are YOUR MEMBERS. They CANNOT be enrolled into any other Sponsor�s Club. Chances are they never heard of the Club before you enrolled them in to it.