Jim Mackey
Managing Partner


American Vision,LLC

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How would you like to be this close to your clients?

Why the Club?

Unique Power Tool: My homeowners Club is a service that�s used by cutting-edge Real Estate Professionals to help attract new clients, and to keep in touch with existing ones. By enrolling all of your contacts, you continually build that all important �relationship capital� - delivering unexpected value in a personalized, one-to-one format.

By Invitation Only: All new Members that are �gifted� or invited into the Club by a qualified Realtor are password protected and exclusive to the Realtor�s Club. Club features are rich with interactive resources, to appeal to the largest possible range of your �Sphere�� Homeowners� most of which are NOT in a transaction mode, but may be in 6 months or 6 years.

Meeting Homeowners� Needs: Homeowners have a unique� and growing� need to successfully manage the many aspects of homeownership. For that reason, they respond appreciatively to a service that helps meet their complex needs.

Relevant Resources Only: My Homeowners Club provides regular E-Alerts on timely issues; recent home sales reports, where available; plus, school and community demographics. The Club only covers relevant pocketbook issues; never creates sales pressure; and delivers genuine value-added information.

Catering to Homeowners: My Homeowners Club matches the goals of Real Estate Professionals to cater effectively to the needs of homeowners who are net-empowered, and who expect higher levels of service.
Opt-in is the Central Theme.