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PreList America - Testimonials
�This is really a very innovative way for real estate agents to circumvent certain existing lead generation strategies and to acquire new customers.�

Stefan Swanepoel, Chairman & CEO: RealtyU, President & CEO: iSucceed, Managing Partner: RealSure

�Voted #1 Agent Productivity System�

Charles M. Dahlheimer, North American Consulting

�PreList America helps nonprofits maximize nonprofit fundraising efforts by generating an altogether new source of income.�

Phil Sheldon, CEO Diener Consultants

�PreList America delivers what mortgage lenders need most in today's market: a system that pays for customer retention.�

Shayne Cardwell, President, Cardwell Group

�The PreList System offers the most compelling answer to the age old problem facing home builders � how do I secure repeat business?�

Rick Del Sontro, CEO, Home Downpayment Gift Foundation