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PreList America - NON-PROFIT
Homeowners and realty advisors partnering to help nonprofits and charities!

PreList your home today and direct 20% of the future listing AND future buyer commissions to the Freedom Alliance.  This fund allocates 100% of the donations to families of slain soldiers in Iraq.  Commit today and permit the fund to plan ahead and immediately enjoy the benefits of a Realty Advisor.  (In most states, the allocated amount will be considered a fully tax deductible contribution).  Visit http://www.freedomalliance.org/ for more information.

Why are the realty advisors so generous?
Realty advisors spend time and money trying to find their next homeowner customer. By using the PreList System, these realty advisors can reduce the time and marketing dollars they spend trying to get new customers and homeowner clients. These savings allow them to provide donations on behalf of the homeowner to the Freedom Alliance! It is a true win-win situation.

With no cost or risk to participate-give the PreList System a try today!