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As a realty advisor, you spend countless hours and dollars marketing to get new customers. Then you spend time doing what you love - helping customers buy and sell real estate. And once a transaction is finished, you begin the cycle again - spending more hours and dollars getting your next customer. Each year you start at zero and begin the cycle all over again.

Enter the PreList System � the best way to build and retain customers for the future!

The PreList System is not a typical lead generation program that provides you with a lead, or possible client, that you then have to work to close into an actual listing. Instead, the PreList System is a way to get NEW CUSTOMERS that you would have never met before, and get them under contract for their next two transactions! They contract to use you to sell their current home and help them buy their next property. This is worth repeating.

With the PreList System, you get:

  • New customers from our partner network
  • Contracts for the future listing of each new customer's home
  • Agreements to help each customer buy their next home!

AND let's not forget that each of your new customers may have a family member or friend who will need the services of a realty advisor�that professional could be YOU!

More reasons to love the PreList System

Communicate with your customers
Communication is key. Homeowners agree to let us contact them periodically so that PreList can promote the realty advisor -- and the homeowner's commitment to that realty advisor -- through periodic e-mails and direct mail. These customized communications are free to participating realty advisors and are considered a fantastic benefit of participating in the system.

Turn past customers into future customers with realty advisor generated contracts!
When realty advisors began seeing the benefits of the PreList System they asked us if they could use the system to lock in their existing customers. So at PreList America, we make the system available to any Agent who wishes to sign up their own customers at a significantly reduced fee, paid only when the home sells, and a new home is purchased sometime in the future. The realty advisor can use our contracts and our tracking and communication tools to lock in past and current customers for the future.

Improve your customer return rate
Recent statistics show that only 1 in 9 customers may use the same agent again for another transaction. Through the PreList System an agent may get up to 100% return rate on past customers, a real way to turbo-charge the agent's business for the future. No wonder some agents see this as one of the best features of the PreList System!

Track your contract properties
We've developed a state-of-the-art tracking system that can spot and flag properties as they hit the market. In the unlikely event your contracted property hits the market and not be listed with you, we jump in to help enforce your PreList rights to that listing!

Build your future!

So in summary, with the PreList System, the realty advisor can begin to build three wonderful cornerstones for their future business:

  1. A "value" relationship with their customer
  2. A book of future business for years to come
  3. An asset that gets more valuable year after year

The first point is interesting - once you no longer need to "sell" to a homeowner because they are under contract to use you, you become their trusted advisor in the real estate world. This system allows homeowners to come back to you again and again just as they do with a lawyer or an accountant.

Sign up to be a PreList Realty Advisor - Enroll now!

Any realty advisor can register. For a nominal annual fee, you can use the PreList System to sign up and "lock in" your own customers and participate in the nonprofit or charity program.

Increase your benefits through participation in our National Referral Program

Licensed real estate agents can apply to participate in our National Referral Program. In order to participate, realty advisors must complete a PreList Certification Program and receive a Certified PreList Realty Advisor (CPR-A) designation. This allows PreList America to refer any new customer that we develop nationally to you! Once you apply to be a PreList Realty Advisor, we'll contact you with the details on becoming a CPR-A, so apply today!

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